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  1. Steven are we ever going to get notifications again? I'm still not getting them and I'm missing threads I've asked questions on, etc. I can't remember all the one's
    I've posted on, read and wanted to stay up with. Can you please, pretty please fix this? thanks!!!!!!! Mona
  2. Thanks I miss them alot. Mona
  3. Hey Mona,

    Apologies--we're having trouble getting the email notifications to get to certain addresses. I'm working on it, though.

  4. Steven sorry to bother you but I'm not getting my notifications again. I never did get all of them. Back to none again starting 3-4 days ago. Do you mind fixing it so I can get them all every day? thank you Mona
  5. Thanks Steven I'm getting them again. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate your hard work. Thanks Mona
  6. Hey Mona,

    I had to disable CC's mail server because it was hijacked to send out spam, which is what caused the site to be extremely slow a few days back. I'm nearing the end of my testing to ensure that everything's safe again, at which point I'll be able to turn it back on.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.


  7. Hi Steven, I haven't gotten any email notifications from CC since Thursday last week. A few other members said they weren't getting any either. Are you aware of this? I really like getting the notifications that someone posted on a thread I subscribed to. Thanka Mona
  8. Y/W Mona
  9. Thanks Mona. I just took care of that user.
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