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  1. Dear Leome,

    I need to know more about your situation. You say in your profile that you are not spinal cord injured. I assume that you are able-bodied and had no other medical problem before your appendectomy last March 4. Have you had an MRI of your sinal cord to see if there has been any damage. By the way, 6 liters of urine is a very large amount and I hope that hey removed this slowly over a period of time. I am not sure what could be the cause. Wise.
  2. gud eve dr. Young. I'm from the Philippines and would like to inquire about my situation. After my appendectomy last mArch 4, after my operation I had frequent urgency to urinate but I cannot empty my bladder completely. After 2 wks. I looked like 7mos pregnant, and i cannot move my legs n cried out due to my back pain. I was rushed to the hosptal, but my surgeon do not have any idea about my situation. My ob gyne.., visited me and catheterize me about 6ltrs of urine in 2hrs. was removed and felt sudden relief. I'm jst wondering until now I have my cathed n still taking bethanecol, still my doctors jst told me I have bladder atony.. Pls. help...
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