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  1. Hi, Jenet. I assume that you went to Hungyun Huang's center for OEG transplants. I go to China fairly often, a couple times a year. I don't have much experience with human growth hormone but I advise against intravenous or intrathecal bone marrow cells treatments until more information is available. To my knowledge, these are not effective. Wise.
  2. This is Jenet Langjahr, mother of Derek Langjahr. SCI in 2003 para. Went to China in 2005 and had benefits from surgery. We are returning in June and would like to know your thoughts about the additional LP and IV bone marrow addition to the OEG transplantation. Have you visited China recently? Derek is currently receiving HGH and intensive PT. Would appreciate any advice on this new advancement. I also understand they are using Lithium post op...
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