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  1. Neila, I am sorry that I did not see any of the messages until just now. Please post in the regular forums or private message to me. I do not regularly check visitor messages.

    I am very sorry to hear about your baby. I don't know what to suggest to you. It seems to me that he has more than just meconium aspiration. For example, the presence of microcephaly and such severe loss of white matter suggests that your baby has a genetic disease that is responsible. I am not an expert in developmental conditions of babies but a number of diseases such as Krabbe disease may manifest in symptoms that you describe.

    I am very sorry that I can't be more helpful.

  2. v r completly shattered wid this comment of the doc, v luv our son v much and dont wnt to gv up tryng and wnt to do anythng and everythng to mk sure he receives the best possible treatmnt whch he surely deserves, money doesnt matter v can bear any amount of medical expense we jus wnt him bck, plz advice us if there is any medical treatmnt possible for this little baby, plz doctor i luv him v much plz hlp us v dont wnt to lose him plzzz..... m eagerly waiting for ur reply.. plz reply thnxx..
  3. Marked cerebral atrophy, it has progressed from the previous study dt 22nd march 2010.
    Evidance of Microcephaly is noted
    changes of cystic encephalomalacia, predominantly in fronto parietal lobes
    bilateral sub dural collections likely hematomas
    MRS study shows features of loss of neuronal tissue in fronto parietal region and features of anaerobic metabolism, cell membrane break down in occipital lobes.
    after seeing his latest MRI the doc said tht he is wid us for a very few days and he askd to stop all the medications as he sees no point in continuing the medicines,
  4. hello sir, i realy ned ur hlp, i am a mother of a 6 months old baby boy born wid MAconiam Aspiration syndrome wid HIE stage 2 wid an apgar score of 1 min of 4/5/5, resulting into cystic encephilomalacia in both the cerebral hemisphere, sever paucity of the white matter and also mild cerebral atrophy was noted wid the presence of prominent lipid lactate was in the brain, this MRI was done on the 22nd day of his life, he also has seizures started at the 24 hours of his life nw we give him gardinal 2.5 ml twice a day and also frisium 1/2 tablet of 5 mg twice a day, and also placidox2 1/8 tablet twice a day to hlp him managing stiffness wid the God's grace his seizures r well within control....
    however as suggested by the doctor we repeatd the MRI just days back and we were shock wid the results, the brain condition has worsened drasticaly widin months i type the MRI findings in a nutshell for u:-
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