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    In answer to your question, the ASIA Classification system interprets a muscle score of 3 or greater for a segmental level to be "intact". The neurological level is the lowest contiguous segmental level with intact motor and sensory function. If the patient has preserved C5 sensation and biceps motor score of 3 or greater, he/she would have a neurological level of C5 if C4 and above are intact as well. Wise.
  2. Hello.
    I'm a physiatrist and have some doubts about ASIA classification and could use your help!
    In a patient with muscle grading of 3 or more at C5, with no motor function below, can I classifie him as motor level C5 if sensory function is preserved at C4 (presuming that motor function will also be preserved at C4)?
    Thank you for your attention. Best regards.
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