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  1. Angelheart,

    I am not sure what kind of "adult stem cell" John Colison had in China but I don't have much confidence in any of the programs that are now charging for experimental cell transplant therapies. I think that the programs that are simply giving the cells intravenously or even intrathecally are unlikely to have an beneficial effects. Please go the the Cure Forum to ask your questions about other trials.

  2. Hi,Dr Young,I'm Rosalinda am a quad c-5 c-6 incomplete,can stand have feeling everywhere but right calf and left hand. Also,have diabetes 2. Please help,trying to get name on list for clinical trials on adult stem cell in China or Germany,anywhere! Who would I speak to? I spoke with John Collison from Hawaii,he had adult stem cell in China.Please get back to me anytime 708-299-6227 Thank you,R
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