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  1. Give me until this weekend.
  2. I know you've been a part of or at least know about previous rallies.
    Just by looking at the site, is there anything crucial I'm forgetting, besides a more specific legal agenda.
  4. I e-mailed the Wounded Warriors, Paralyzed Veterans of America, the USO, SCInet,, cure paralysis now, I think that's it.

    I told them what I'm doing and that I'll have a website up soon.

    I'm making this all up as I go so if you know of any other organizations I should contact or important information I should have on the website, let me know.
  5. About SCI? It varies from person to person.

    My opinion is to focus on all the Wounded Warriors, not just SCIs. Our government should provide targeted tax credits to companies trying to restore function to our veterans who have been injured during the recent wars.

    Go big. Aim to eliminate PTSD. TBIs. SCIs. Aim to regenerate lost limbs for amputees and regenerate skin for burn victims.

    All of those are realistic goals but they sound cynical coming from an injured civilian like me. Opponents would allege that I only support that goal because of my injury, which is insane as I would have wholeheartedly supported that goal if I were still AB.

  6. Hey Mike,

    Floods aren't allowed, particularly with respect to non-care, non-cure political issues. The war on drugs and immigration don't quite fit. (And political rallies with paralyzed people are usually only able to attract under 1,000, much less 500,000.)

    You never really indicated your stance on immigration. Are you pro- or anti-reform?


  7. I'm trying to organize a Roll on Washington 2011.
    Is there anyway to flood the site with a giant posting? People need to wake up.
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