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  1. Hey Jodi! Hope you two stayed safe from the tornado's we had!!! I've not been here too much lately but sure hope you were safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes we are. My son's truck got damaged by hail, just glad he was NOT out in it!! some of it was baseball size. If I went through the country it is only like 7-10 miles from here to Bedford. If you know where Spring Mill St park is we are only like 1-1/2 miles from there.
  3. Yeah, it didn't do much here at all. Are you by Bedford? I have a friend there and that's where I heard that there was a tornado. Glad you're okay!
  4. Well, we had a tornado about 8 miles form us. I was outside watching last night and a neighbor came up and we saw it. The first time I had seen one. tore several houses down and 8 people were hurt. None of them serious though, Thank the good lord for that!! Hope you all were safe!!!!!!
  5. Suppose to get some bad stuff later tonight the way I get it, My youngest son works for the sheriff's dept, Dispatching tonight so if we get any I'm sure he will let us know!! STAY SAFE!!!!!!
  6. It's not doing anything at the moment, but I guess it's supposed to get stormy throughout the day with chances of tornadoes later on today/tonight. I'm thankful we have a basement but no stairlift yet, so that means Ryan has to butt bump down which he's only done 3 times so far. Hope you don't get hit with more nasty weather!
  7. Are you two staying dry down there? We sure are NOT got a storm here this morning again, the mosqitoes are so bad you can't even stand to go outside!!
  8. Glad he had a good one there! They missed by burst fracture completely! I had told them my back was broke because I had done it when I was 13 Go-Kart racing so I knew what it felt like! went 50 days before it was found, about halfway thru rehab I lost control of my Bowels and bladder. finaly called in a nuro Dr amd he sent me the day I was released to come home to Floyd co for a MRI. but never forget the call here @ home you got a 8:30 app tomorow with a spine surgeon at Nortons Dr Richard T Holt done mine and a couple others here and he's GREAT!!!!
  9. My husband was flown to U of L, too. Thankfully for him, he had a good experience there. They saved his life (a few times). He was there for 5 weeks and then inpatient at Frazier in Louisville for 6 weeks. He still goes to Frazier for outpatient therapy now and will probably be going to Nortons to have his hardware removed from his spine.
  10. I'm about 60 miles from there, about 20 miles North of Salem. If you have ever been to Spring Mill St Park I'm about 2 miles from there. When I was in the hospital they flew me to U of L which they screwed up on me royally, then in the rehab at New Albany for 30 days finally sent me for a MRI the night they released me and then back to Nortons a week later for back surgery. Good to meet someone so close not to many people to talk to about it here close!!!
  11. Thanks! We're in Southern Indiana - really close to Louisville, Ky.
  12. I see where you are from Indiana, I am also Mitchell. Not too awful many from Indiana here. Let me know if there's anyway or anything you need to ask!
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