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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Not a good thing to happen!!!!!!! I used to have a horse yrs ago but kinda just let him get old and die and we never got another, went to Go-Karts then onto m-cycles.
    No luckily I am NOT paralyzed I'm a T12 incomplete. Yes after getting out of the hospital it took them 3 days just to get me out of the bed and into a wheelchair. I was in rehab for 30 days the first time but was in a chair for alost 4 months before I could shed it. After my back surgery I had to go back"rehab"for another 14 days. But all the damage had done been done to me. while in the rehab for the fisrt time I lost control of my Bowels and bladder 2 weeks into it and they finally called in a nurologist. that's who ordered a MRI and finally found my burst. Check out memebers picture gallery and you can see a picture of my m-cycle.
  3. Yeah I got a good laugh out of the picture!! I have left it up because I was told by a couple people to take it down or they wouldn't be my friend!!! So as contankerous as I am I just left it up!!!! How did you get hurt?
  4. Hate to hear about what happened to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really sad!!! I told them with me it was broke when I was laying in the hi-way cause I had broken L4 & 5 when I was 13 so I knew what a broken back felt like but when they flew me to a trauma canter it went out the window! I was walking with a T12 burst fracture!!! the therapist were getting pissed off when I would come back from therapy and lay back down! Hell it hurt so bad I had too wonder they didn't paralize me right then and there! You know Dr's should have to answer to someone!!! No excuse for them NOT treating you right then and there!!! My back surgeon brought his team in on a Saturday after Thanksgiving to do mine and like I say it had already been like 55 days by that time!! Sure hope you get some relief from the new DR!!!!!!! I know Arndog and I have talked several times here about pain!!
  5. duge, was reading through some of these, i was afraid to ask what the picture was (:
    When i came across Jody's questions, i haven't had that good of a laugh in a long time!
  6. Glad your wife is better, and i REALLY get doctors missing things.
    I was diagnosed complete as soon as i was flown into the trauma, my spine was pulled over to the side with a huge lump, i needed immediate surgery, was put at the back of the line because "someone" decided i was toast. I was hugged by family and friends (should not have been touched) moved, layed on my back, for 30 hours! No ice to the site, no hypothermia, no care until the neurosurgeon came back from his dinner meeting and golf game next day.
    wished i could make a change!!! This is why i have not seen a neuro in 4-5 years! I am going to try Arndog's doctor, just called today, am waiting for a return call to set up a appt.
    Maybe i do have nocioceptive pain, would it not be awesome to get some relief, anything, to come down from a 10 or more like 20 down to a 15 or so. (: Why do you have such foot pain, hypersensitivity?
  7. She's doing ok had a whiplash ans some problems with her hand possibly a broken bone they have treated it that way, you would think form x-rays they would be able to tell but then again............ they missed my burst fracture for 50 days!! I hate friday 13's!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not real sure how I did the picture thing, my old computer wont let me up-load anymore my long beard has been gone for at least 10 months now!!! WISH i COULD BE OF MORE HELP!!! Any kind of questions you have feel free to ask!
  8. Saw where you got injured on Friday the 13th. Back on August Friday the 13th my wife got backed over in a parking lot while walking across to go into work! she said she's NOT superstitious but now it makes you wonder!!!
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