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  1. Heck no man!! I wish!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I got 1 or 2 chords memorized but my fat fingers don't cooperate with the rest of my hands. This is a classic rock battle so.... we hope they make it in. My favorite on there is Can't you see.
  2. I'll definitely do that. Is it dad's guitar pickin' debut? Interesting title, I'm guessin' its not about sewin' and soup. I'm thinkin Neil Young.
  3. HEy check those guys out on utube. they got another video needle and the spoon.
  4. I did too, there's a picture in the CC gallery under my Our accidents on the first page of it. Mines a long story but all started with aa little old 83 yr old lady making a left hand turn in fron ot me on the Hi-way!
  5. [Did you get hurt on that Bike?
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