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  1. Sorry I did not get back to ya, but this site is a bit confusing or I am not sure what I am doing...LOL I am a t3-t4 injury level. fell outta window on to my head. thanks for the support man!
  2. Welcome to CC DiddlinD! Sorry you need to be here but glad you found us. This is a great site for information to help stay sane living with SCI. What is your injury level and how did you get hurt. I saw on your profile you fell but it stopped short of saying how you fell or what from. Also you did not list your injury level. It helps others to know how to support you to have that info so you may want to get it updated.

    Once again welcome and thanks for sharing on my "Pain Thread". Your quote was positive and uplifting!!! We all neeed a hand up some days!!!!
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