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  1. Hey
    Well..lately I think he's a little better. Doesn't seem to be quite as depressed right now. He did get out last week to go to the state fair here. His daughter and my daughters went with him. He seemed to enjoy it, I hear...other than getting upset because his stupid chair wasn't working right and kept pulling to the right to the point that instead of using his sip and puff he just had my daughter push him. Something he probably didn't like but hated fighting his chair even worse. Just seems nothing ever works right for him or goes smoothly
  2. hi hows bryan going
  3. Hi Davidsons, How are you doing now? Hard for him to stay positive....I know he has lots to be thankful for EVEN in his physical condition....but he sees and focuses only on the negative
  4. i was inj on 24/5/09 and was verydepressed c5c6 quad i can understand ,however, he must stay positive
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