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  1. Had a great one Debbie! Hope you did too!!!!!!!!!! lmao gonna poke you right back!!!!!!! know what you mean about the facebook, there's a carecure page there, I'm on it and several people from here are.
  2. No Pokes on here like So i am gonna Poke you-----> POKE!! lol
  3. I always think about my CC friends from time to time. I haven't been on here for a while. ... I hope u had a merry Xmas & happy new year...
  4. So GREAT to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying to get my wife well she ended up having a parachardial window cut in the sack of her heart about 2 weeks ago and hopefully that will take care of the fluid buildup she had. I'm doing pretty good just NOT ready for winter!!!!
  5. hey Duge, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how are you. I am really back to my normal self again. Who would have though..... I hope your doing well
    xo, Deb
  6. Hi Debbie, How are you getting along now?
  7. Debbbbbbbieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Great to heard Deb!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you limited as to how far you can walk? Hopefully NOT!!
  9. Dugeeeeeee....I love Jack &, I hope your feeling better........I am walking on my own and almost off the pain killers.....yea yea yea
  10. It's like a power chair but it's got either 3 or 4 wheels. You see them at wal-mart with basket's for people to ride and shop with. It's the only way I can go places because I can't walk very far at all, my feet hurt so bad.
  11. Mobility scooter? Sounds like fun. What's that
  12. Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!!
  13. Happy New Year Debbie!!!!!! Glad to hear your doing better!! I'll drink to it being better! didn't do much, just kinda laid low around the house. had all the black-eyed peas and cabbage yesterday, I love that meal! guess I'm very easy to please, heck I'll eat anything! Not much going on here, been trying to get a new Mobility-scooter if they would get off their ass's at my Dr.s office!
  14. Duge.......Happy New Year my friend!.. Yea, I am doing much better. hopefully 2011 will be kind to us! How did you spend the holidays?? I roasted a duck..hmmm too much I also started to sell on ebay. just trying to keep busy. Whats new with you?
  15. Merry Christmas Deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was kinda worried about you!!!!!!! had not seen or heard from you, so how are things going?? send it in a pm if you want.
  16. Merry christmas
  17. hello hello I got other issues.......what to do ablout my home health aide
  18. Hey Debbie, How's everything going now? Hopefully the pain will let up some soon!!
  19. Hey Deb, How's the pain & the walking going? Hope to hear it's both getting better all the time!!!!!!!!
  20. Hi Deb!,I got some of the pain like you are feeling! Did you have surgery? I have the numb places on the backsides of my legs and other places one Dr told me No you don't but when you can oinch blood and it doesn't hurt....... I never took Oxycodone, but was on a fentanyl patch. So far the gabapetin seems to be helping with the burning so if that's all it does I will be happy! I got off lyrica because of the cost, I don't think I ever was hooked took it for over a year. the stuff will constipate you!!! I take Mirilax every day to help with the constipation I'm gonna send you a pm to talk about the other.
  21. Hey Duge, I hope your feeling better. I am still having krazy pain in my back, hips and leg area. I was hurt on my L1 and there are parts of my hips, butt, left leg down to my knee that are numb. My pain feel like ive been beaten up and some burning on my left leg. I have been taking Oxycodone, and taking too many pills - i am very constipated. I have tried gabapetin and lyrica when I was in the hospital but stopped it out of fear of getting hooked. well, well I think I am hooked on these freggin pain killers. I cant even sleep without taking them. What do you think I should do?
  22. HI deb, I would NEVER laugh!!!!!!! right now the only thing I am taking is 1800 mg of gabapetin. I had been on a pain patch, Lyrica, lortab's several diff things but NONE has actually helped the pain in my feet. All I'm trying to do now is get rid of the burning, not been on the gab but about 3 weeks now and Dr, said it takes like 5-6 weeks to take full effect. What vertabra did you break? me T12 burst. What kind of pain are you having?
  23. Hi, Well I am glad your walking! tell me what do you takr for pain? I fell in the bathroom ( dont laugh, and thats how I got hurt. I remember screaming with pain, and never stopped since.
  24. Any kind of questions you have feel free to ask! I lost all my modesty all long time ago with this!! lol
  25. How did you end up getting hurt? mine was a cycle accident, had a little old lady make a left hand turn in front of me. see where you were paralized for 50 some days, I went 50 days before they found my burst, really a miracle that I can walk and that they didn't paralize me by having me up doing therapy. took them forever to get me up but they did I'm ok though coming up on my 8 yr anniversary of it!
  26. Oh sorry to hear about your feet...I my-slef have my days with serious back,nerve and leg pain. I hope you feel better. Nah, the picture is fine, and if your happy with it then that's all that matters...or maybe you can put a picture up of your-self...
  27. I'm doing good! If I could get my feet to just stop hurting just a little bit! I get quite a few comments on the picture! guess I should take it off. How are you doing?
  28. How are you doing Duge?, that pic
  29. Well..........I imagine it's just what your thinking! lol a guy's had peed on a live electrical wire and .......... I never took it off because one lay just gave me hell for having it on so I kept it!! I got a son in Law enforcement,
  30. Hello Mr DA,
    Law enforcement has always been my thing.....Always glad to have a new friend.
    ummm whats that pic of above? do i even wanna know?
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