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  1. hav a cool xmas
  2. Merry Christmas!
  3. life here is good . my wife and sons 18 and 14 takes me out a lot.
  4. I am able to walk again. It must be hard living in trinidad with such an injury. Do you get out much? I have lots of pain though. And numb in both hips.
  5. cant walk my inj left me a quad. how are u coming along?
  6. oh, sorry about your injury. I was born in Guyana, but raised in NY since 1977.
    are you able to walk now?
  7. hi im from trinidad and tobago.
  8. i worked in the special branch section of trinidad and tobago police service. my wife name is also soon....
  9. A cop...very nice...Where did you work?
  10. lovely name
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