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  1. Yeah, they were pathetic and pitiful. I'm glad they lost, the didn't deserve to win what with their lack of commitment and lack of execution. Lots of work needs to be done this offseason and beginning of next year to change things around, change the team chemistry and work ethic, et al. I'm embarrassed for my team.
  2. Did I Cowboys stink it up this year or what? What a disappointing season. GEEZ!
  3. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.
  4. Merry Christmas to you and Jessica, and your whole family, Kevin
  5. Sorry to hear about your brother, that must have been rough. Then your accident to follow must have been pretty hard times for you and your family. All that seems to help in those situations is the passage of time, which lessens the hurt somewhat as the years go by.

    My brother joined the Marines when I was 15, he was 17 and just out of HS. I was going to follow him, was in fact gung ho for it, but I got into the Plasterers' Union and was making 13 bucks and hour when I was 17 (good money in 1979). The money corrupted me, heh. My brother retired after 20, lives in Kentucky, and is now a Baptist after being agnostic his whole life. Wonders never cease

    Take care Kev, thanks for the update on Jessica.
  6. Take your time. She'll be there a while.

    Yes, I've told her to listen to the veterans and to never let her guard down.

    You and me both, buddy. I'd go in a heartbeat if I could. My brother went into the Marines when I was 16. I most likely would have joined him if not for both of our car wrecks. His took his life a year before I had mine.

    Well, take care. TTYL....
  7. Yeah, I know it was APO from writing to family of my own through the years who were in the Army. I'll try to get something off once I'm a little more active again. All in all, I bet it's exciting for her. If I were here age, I'd be over there myself, no doubt. I'm sure you've told her to keep her head down and listen to the guys who've been there awhile.
    Good stuff Todd.
  8. Yes. She's in Tallil, Iraq and somewhat settled in if that is what you call it. She said they were currently staying in 11 man tents. I hate that for her. She said it looks like it will be that way for a while. She was going on her first convoy last night. I haven't heard back from her yet so it will be interesting to hear how that went.

    She has already received something from Todd. She thought that was cool. BTW, it's "APO", not "ATO". However, apparently it doesn't matter since Todd's package made it.
  9. hey Kev, any word from Jessica? Hope she's doing well, let me know when she's settled in somewheres.
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