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  1. I know you were kidding, but others might have thought because I've lived in Butte I had something to do with this disturbed woman. Yeah, it's wild.
  2. BoB - I was kidding I know you're a gimp unfortunately like most of us. This is a wild story.
  3. Merry Christmas Jerri
  4. Mr. BoB, have a Merry Christmas
  5. LoL, it took me awhile to figure out how this thing worked. I've been a fan about the same amount of time, my brother was the big fan I just became one because he was one, he died last nov right when the cowboys were doing so good too, he used to call me after the game or when a game changing play would happen so I kinda miss that, I know he'd be stoked about this season as I am (hopefully). I didn't you were that old, I am too well not quite lol but almost. Jerri
  6. well, that was supposed to end up on my page, guess I need to pay more attention...
  7. Us Cowboys fans have to stick together, heh. No, I haven't been to one of their games, although I've been a fan since I was 5 or 6 - 40 years ago. I've never lived near Dallas. Thanks for being a friend

    Let's hope we make the post-season, then take it from there.
  8. Hi, thanks for accepting, its good to have a cowboy fan here as a friend. Have you ever been to a cowboy game, I never have and now that my sister lives there, you would think I have but I haven' you think one could get accessable seats this late, I want to
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