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  1. Lol, you should be a comedian Claire. You're funny. Good to hear about the rash, doesn't sound like fun. I'm glad things are looking up, and I'm glad the snow is melting. It's melting here too, right into my basement lol

    I'm in the middle of the corn. The line 'Someplace between Nowhere and Goodbye' came from the movie Million Dollar Baby, but I think they use 'Somewhere' and not 'Someplace.' I don't tell anyone that (like they won't know now) because almost everyone with SCI hates that movie, thinks it's demeaning, etc. But I borrowed the line anyway, it seemed to fit at the time.

    Hope you keep improving, and I hope summer gets here soon. I could sure use some long hot summer days that last until 10pm, ya know? Thanks for dropping by Claire
  2. hey bob! how are you? i haven't been here since writing you last. i've been consumed by THIS PROBLEM and had little patience for anything. i am feeling happy today as #1 my hair has stopped falling out!!! i was getting pretty nervous there and cut it all off because there's nothing worse for a woman than being a bald woman. yikes. i like to cook and all i envision is me looking like Lydia on the cooking channel. that lady is brave. i'm finally weaned off both meds. that could have caused this allergic rash - real pretty too- just imagine measels from your neck down and it lasting 7 weeks, but it's finally clearing up too. so life is good - the snow is melting, the sun is out for the third straight day. so where do you live? i'm curious. i've never heard of between someplace and goodbye - is it Pandora?
  3. lol, you're funny Claire. Actually, I feel like a first grader sometimes trying to figure out sci related problems. Thanks for accepting my friendship, and I hope you figure out your spasticity problem soon.
  4. well, cool bob. i feel like a the new kid in first grade whose made her first friend! great smile by the way.
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