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  1. Hi Pat, i'm trying this route,see if it works.
    Yeah, the broomstick was a very temp thing,but you see why i needed the hand controls. Also i was much crazier back then.
    Are you still out near Dakota creek? i remember you were making a real nice place.
    I lived in latin america(mexico,guatamala) for over 20 yrs. I returned to the USA about 10 yrs; ago and was living in the n.carolina mtns. when i had a heart attack then really screwed up my left rotator cuff which put me into a power chair. During this time i was living single but knew i needed help . I decided to go to vietnam as i had been there 65-67 and liked the place. After a few months i had hired and fired a few girls when my landlady brought her 15 yr old niece . She was a hard working little country girl, anyway she's still with me.
    After 2 yrs. in vietnam i moved over to Laos ,a laid back,
    I don't know how long i'll stay here but for now i'm OK. It was good hearing from you,take care, stay in touch, greg
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