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  1. Miss you, hope all's well.
  2. Tamara, I hope I didn't cross any lines or make you mad, I enjoyed chattin with you two, Nat's a sweetie. also saw your pic of the shark, what ya got against seals? Again, sorry if I mad anyone uneasy. Guy
  3. yup, died on me too. Good to meet you two ladies. I try to convey that I am not a perv tryin to get too ladies. I just have worked with alot of women and relate well to them. My wife trained me well on the art of not being offensive or demeaning in dealings. I have a heavy heart for Nat. How horrendous. we need to re-inforce that parents love kids unconditionally and this was probably as hard on them at first as it was her.But that they will do anything for their kids, and do it with all their love, and no regrets. That will start to play on her mind, actually has already, she mentioned last night about it being hard, not just on herShe's a swetheart, god love her., and you for being there for her. See ya around here soon.
  4. Did the room and site die on you last night? Just wondering it froze on me and I couldn't get back on? Anyhow nice meeting you Guy. Hope your havin' a good one.
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