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  1. Art,

    Great to hear from u as always, u r so sweet to me! You just know how to make my day don't you how has your summer been going? Mine has been pretty ok so far just spending time with my husband and son. Can't believe u finally cut your hair, glad u like it though . Well keep in touch and let me know how your summer is going ok.

  2. Was on my way to doc. visit today and there was a rock in the time to miss it hit it with front wheel and home noticed a nice dent under my new van....only 1300 miles on it never fails get something new you know its gona get some kind of damage. It will be a easy fix by what I see. When it cools off have to put it on the car lift and bang it out and undercoat it. Always something to fix which is getting old. Could have been worse and got the outside of the I guess under the body is better than Wish our body was that easy to fix
    BTW no more long hair in my picture...must be a 60 age thing or something...lmao..was working on something this spring and got in my after 50 years of long hair went to store bought clippers and went down to 1/4 inch or so. Hated to see it go but it is alot easyer to take care of.
    Take care my love and keep those pictures coming and God Bless your family....

  3. You are still my number 1 Keep taking those pictures I love em.
    Glad you are doing pretty good....I know its hard. Myself still about the same....pain a little worse...but I'll survive....I
    Gona have to be a 2 part message I
  4. Art,

    So great to hear from you, u are so kind! Thanks for checking on me, I do fine these days although my walking is not so good. I need a cane or I rely on an arm to hold on to to walk. Walking long distances is pretty impossible. I use my wheelchair or scooter and that helps considerably. So, what about you babe, how r u doing?
  5. Hi Evonne....seen more of your pictures.....Have you wore that camera out
    Been 2 years since we talked....sorry I just clicked on my profile and noticed your
    I been doing good for my age and time in as a SCI.
    I see you been busy on the go doing things good for you.
    Enjoy your boys they grow up to fast.
    You still a great looking more than one way on this site.....hugs

  6. Hi u been buddy. It's been a while since we've spoken. You stayin outta trouble??

  7. Thanks for adding me to your friends list. You are the So sorry that you had to have a SCI injury happen to you and your family. Takes time to adjust. You ever need to talk call on Art
  8. hey Art....thanks 4 stoppin by and the kind words. i hope to c u around more

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