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  1. piper 140, cub, wittman tailwind (from west to east coast twice, though i was lazy and my ex was at controls most of the time while i listened to music ), cessna 150 (or 170, forgive me if i'm screwing numbers up, been 25 yrs), aerobatics in bucher jungmann (actually ex and i also rolled tailwind, which we owned, aileron roll), k2 (? is that right name? ex and i troubleshot it for builder). and we knew lance of lancair when his airplanes were a dream in his head. that's all i can think of right now, but i think there were coupla more. you?

    GEEZ I MAY HAVE REPORTED YOUR MESSAGE. i'm an idiot and not used to pm stuff. i hit report, thinking it was reply but at submit i cancelled it....i hope...
  2. Hey Cass... What kind of planes did you fly?
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