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  1. Hey Random, nice to hear from another member.
    I spend winter on the north side of Aiken. This year will be my third winter down. First year
    I was convalescent, and just too broken to do much. My passion has been horse back riding, and I'm currently attempting to condition to it. I've also just purchased a renegade chair to get out and about. What a workout it is. But that's what its all about, attempting to become stronger and more independent.
    In the past, I was an active ski enthusiast, but that has past. Been there, done that, and I just can't tolerate the cold anymore.
    I'm looking forward to a weekend in Hilton Head this October. Attending a veterinary medical conference.
    Hope your having a good summer
  2. Hi SW. Welcome to cc and thank you for your kind words. May I ask where in SC you winter? My parents live in Hilton Head and have a much better social life than I playing with their retired friends. Do you do any seasonal sports to celebrate your varying environs?
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