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  1. hahah! People turn just crazy all over, personally i don't like football so i just watch them silly people from the distance :P
  2. SPAIN!!! world cup champions!! i cant imagine what its like there right now!!
  3. I dont know yet if i'll have enough time or willing to do it. Time will tell. What you've been up to?
  4. wow...that is just so unlucky. when are you planning on going back to school>
  5. I was on my motorbike on my way to work, i worked in the city so i was going slow at street speed when a dumb pedrestrian crossed on a prohibited point, without even looking (he was texting)...he broke his arm. I broke my life.
    Im possibly returning to college in a few months.
  6. how did u get hurt? r u complete or incomplete? im back in college right now...its tough man
  7. I sucks. I wouldnt know about spain but barcelona, the place i live in. And it's mostly wheelchair friendly (transportation and stuff) and some leisure places like cinema and theaters. You'll find several bars and stuff like that with curb in the entrance, but you'll find help too.
  8. hey is spain wheelchair friendly? ive always wanted to go. im 20 and im in a is not fair man
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