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  1. Hey, Whitey, I'm blocked from your pm I don't have any of the other things mentioned, actually I don't even know what most are! Sorry, I'm not exactly computer savvy, here. Anyways, if you unblock me we can pm
  2. Im not up with everything on this site yet. So Im not sure how to PM on here. Is msn or yahoo ok or I know they have flashchat and A/V chat on here if thats easier for you.
    Whity (Andrew)
  3. I'm glad you are able to do many alternative things and hopefully they are helping before they your condition takes over.. mine was getting the best of me. Can you pm here? Do you know how to do that? So... llike, not everyone sees? Take care and stay healthy and feel good ! bbs
  4. Whity, hey if you have any type of health insurance alot of times they will pay for either massage or PT, if they pay for PT, see if your pt can do massage for the hour ?? that is so nice that there are therapists and massage people out there that will do that for no charge!! I do believe there are nice people amongst us Thank God for that. It sure makes up for all the crazies and mean people My PT is wonderful, actually, I just found out that he is not charging me for my PT what ever my insurance isn't paying for that is SO nice of him. he is doing it because of my situation as well. I feel really bad, but I really really appreciate it. I tell him, but I don't want to sound too corny and like.. you know.. B ut I think I he knows I'm grateful. And I truly am grateful!
  5. Hi BBS

    Im trying to do massage once every 2 wks at the moment; I would like to do more but financially Im unable to at the moment. But everynow and then a therapist finds out about my disorder and offers a free massage for information regarding - very lucky me!
    I try and do a lot of exercise as I have time on my hands at the moment. So I swim with flippers, cycle, dance (in my home) and stretch etc. I also have acupuncture, moxibustion and take traditional chinese medicine at the moment. In all I am trying to get on top of this thing before it gets on top of me.
    I dont know much about CIC or AD, r u able to explain the situation.
    If u like this is my msn address so we can chat:


    Whity (Andrew)
  6. Whity,
    Hi. I hope all is going well. Have you researched any further into the massage avenue at all? OK. Well, I hope you will benefit from it! Like I mentioned, even if for ONE hour I am "pain free" I'll take it! Take care!
  7. thanx for the advice BBS
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