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  1. Got to get stick up Boehner's ass or boot that rhino out. We have the house and he acts like a mute. Feckless leader he is.

    But i laugh at CC tards sssooooo predictable responses and posts...

    Im sweating like a bitch when I void, hope im backed up inside instead of uti. Another sweaty-hard 2 sleep night ahead. But Im happpy.

    Thanks and Good Night
  2. Hope you're doing well to. I think we really are just at the beginning of all these scandals. It's going to get much more messy.
  3. keep up the good work. The roof is/should be about 2 collapse on OB. I would post more often but its apparent several of these libtards have multiple names and post to themselves. Keep stirring da pot.

    Hope all is well with ur health.


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