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  1. Shana i need your yahoo address my friend is buying this bike its small but good for what you need only 139.00 i will send you the link.
  2. Hey girl.
    Hope your christmas was good. Happy New Year.. I was wondering what the name of your bike is. I'm trying to get something in my home. thanks
  3. Hey sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I haven't been on in a while. Privet message me with your number and a good time to call you. thanks so much.
  4. Give me a call its to much to write. anty
  5. Hi Anty,
    I started the 4-ap I'm not sure if it's helping much. I have had some increase in feeling. But not much more. I'm not sure what to expect. What kind of results did you get? It is making me sleep better and that's a plus. I'm up to 30mg a day. Anything you can share would be helpful... Thanks
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