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  1. I just found a good thread for you-go to New sci--attempt at lots of ansers regarding spinal cord...thread one go all the way to bottom great article by Dr wise
  2. Hi Jeapow. Thanks for the info on ballerina toes. They are actually rather graceful looking.

    I had an L1 and L5 injury. One was repaired and the other had to be reconstructed. I'm walking with canes and am practicing with one cane. I can scoot around all day with two canes and get pretty much everywhere. It's a bit fatiguing, though. One cane is harder but I find the posture, straight up with weight distributed correctly, to be refreshing. I'm working on stamina with that. I can go only 1,000 feet a day with one cane and feel kinda unsteady. However, this is my goal.

    Your injury seems rather recent. It's weird how a person recovers from something like this. I thought I'd be 'done' by now. Ha!

    Very good to meet you and I appreciate your advice.
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