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  1. cool thanks i will look into that.
    cheers, Peter
  2. If you qualify for public housing ,I would talk to the Brisbane housing company ( which is who I rent from ) they have quite a few accessible flats in the inner city area and tend to give preference to actual wheelchair users ( which is how I managed to jump the lengthy waiting list ).
  3. hey lurch, i got in contact with the paravilla, and they were able to find room for me for the next 6-12 months until i get back on my feet. Mackay is pretty good except for the crazy prices for units and houses here, i don't think i will be staying here long term. I am still thinking about brissy with the gym there and wheelchair rugby i think it will be good for me to build my strength up and improve my pushing and transfering. I was just wondering if you can give me a few pointers on where in brissy is a good area to look at, i have only been to brissy once and that was mostly in the pa. I remember the trains use to be real good there to get around, but some of the paths use to be crap. But if you could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.
    Thanks Peter
  4. I am currently living in Brissy but I am from Mackay. its true there is a bit if a housing shortage in Mackay and you will probably have a hard time finding accesible rental accomodation. I don't know much about para villa but annabannana stayed there for a while back in the 90s so you might want to have a chat to her. All that aside you will probably find Mackay pretty w/c friendly and the people from the local brach of the sporting wheelies are very helpful in my experience. If you are looking for work you should contact the spinal injuries association who have special people to help find employment for memebers, I was just talking to one today as I too am looking for work.
    If you have any other questions that I might be able to answer for about Mackay or anything don't hesitate to ask.
    All the Best.
  5. Hey Lurch, yeah i was talking about rocky to mackay. I was seeing at staying at the paravilla next month, but i'm looking at getting a new cushion and chair and i just found a place here where i can trial them. So i'm going to be here for awhile until i can sort that out. How do you like staying at mackay? I see that the rent and house prices there are pretty expensive.
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