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  1. Hey Brian, Havent talked to you in abt a year how are you doing? Let me know abt progress you have made. Merry Christmas
  2. Saw pics of you little one cool man
  3. i have a bike that i get on that helps a little but i really move my legs with my arms. i just started therapy and they seem to be helping i can walk a little better with the crutches but only for short dis. what do you use to walk?
  4. Keep pushing past what you think you can do from you picture in the walker you look very strong in upper body that will help tremendously. I am almost 3 yrs post with a inc c-4 quad diagnosis and I can walk ind and ride a bike like crazy but I cannot run or do anything quick movement wise. Remember what Lance Armstrong said (Pain is only temporary it may last a week a month or a year, If I quit its forever. So do what you can to get better Be alright with what you have right now and press on. Looks like your a lucky man anyway if Darra is your girl.
    Good Luck, Craig
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