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  1. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I really needed it yesterday; had such a terrible pain and emotion day. But today is going to be better, I can feel it. But inspiration goes a long way...and lasts a lifetime.

    Congrats on returning to the gym! I used to be a personal trainer, so if you want any good tips, I'm here for you. I'm sure you already know this, but we're not running any race, so start off slow, probably even slower than you think you should (cause you seem like a real go getter).

    I just started seeing a new Rheumatologist last month, who put me on tramadaol for the arthritist pain (ecuse the spelling, typing is a bitch), but i'll see him again in acouple weeks to start a plan to get to the bottom of everything. i'm not too concerned about the diagnosis right now, cause the TM is enough to take on for now.

    as of yesterday, I'm down to 30mg pred, and the rheumi is going to keep tapering until something negative happens or someother thing pops up.

    Luckily, I don't have any strength to kick anything or anyone, but on one of many roid rages, I told off the entire neurology team, incl. attending and all residents and students. I warn people in advance (and sometimes after the fact), "don't mess with a girl on roids." My poor mom, gets most of my rage. And when I went to a halloween party, which was a really big step for me (literally and figuratively) I reamed out everyone in line for the bathroom because they were being so obnoxious about the wait (I have a neurogenic bladder). At least that time, I didn't feel any guilt about it.

    Have a great day. Lift a dumbell for me.

  2. You can do it girl. One day at a time, it all adds up. It sounds like, from the drugs, your seeing a rheumatologist? My family knows just what the body can go thru and recover. I've had 36 surgeries on this poor old tired body(I jest, cause I just started back to the gym 3 weeks ago. Gawd it feels good, in a sore kinda way. I've got an open wound on my back from an infection in my back from the surgery(rods and fusions) but still need to keep in shape to transferring and doing housework, shopping. You keep on top of this krapolla and don't let it get ya down. There's worse stuff out there.Have an ex neighbor just found out she had colon cancer, such an aggressive type, she was in surgery in 5 days. Keep a smile. Guy
  3. Hi fishin' guy,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I still don't have a definitive diagnosis on the autoimm part of my TM, but the docs think def MS or Lupus; now I have myoclonus (full body spasms), which I guess are adding to the who-knows-what aspect. I've spent more than 3 of the last 5 weeks in the hospital: taking lots of the drugs you mentioned (I didn't get any relief from the solumedrol and am still on the pred) plus plasma pharesis and IV Ig treatments, all the while developing new symptoms. Out 4 days, and smiling but not feeling much better. Despite it all, I may not be feeling optimistic, but I am feeling inspired. Does that make any sense?

    Today, I'm working on optimism. Tomorrow, maybe I'll try to walk 1 more block.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. My sincerest sympathy for what your going thru. I've had lupus for 30 yrs. I shivered when I saw the drug routine's. Solumedrol, pred.Have you bitten anyone's head off yet? I kicked a childproof gate thru the window next to the door when I had consecutive drips of solumedr. and pred. Dr's didn't let me know to watch for HIGH anxiety. I have had the psor, have vasculitis, and alot of the others you mentioned. However after we got meds and disease squared away, went into remission and was able to even play basketball til i was 45, then it all went to hell. 13 back surgeries(pred)last one was botched, and am now partial para.
    The dr here's right, he always is, kinda like a wife. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know it can get alot better. God bless and good luck
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