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  1. Hi Joe,
    we still on for tomorrow?
  2. Hi Joe,
    Are there any diving opportunities coming up?
  3. Yeah, I enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the group, I'm going to try to get there this week, still working on the kitchen.
  4. Hey Trek...It was great meeting you today! My next volunteer stint will probably be Thurs. I t was fun today!.

  5. I'm sorry, I missed your response to my question. I haven't gone diving since my injury and wanting to start going, I'm weak though, c4 incomplete quad, I am considering going beach diving in wabasso don't think there is much up here in cocoa beach although i could be wrong. Am going on a cruise next week and am considering going on a dive in porto mayo or cozumel
  6. I live out on merritt, haven't gone to the beach since my accident, are you a para or a quad?
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