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  1. Hello
    I hope your still with us. Here a video my daughter made of this weekend.
  2. Hi David, I returned from Oregon last week. It was so beautiful. I did a little floating in Bend. I saw the gorge and the waterfalls. I also went to the The Edgefield.. I did not have enough time as it was a family reunion. I hope to return and see the coast.
  3. Hay
    You ever make it out to Oregon. Bends a nice place to visit. Maybe drive up to Sisters. Lot of shopping in bend and Sisters. Drive by the ski slop and down the other side to the lakes, very pretty.
  4. HI
    I live down on the Oregon coast near coos bay. If you get down the coast your more then welcome to stay. About ten years ago, I built a 150 room motel in bend. Its a pretty nice city. Lots of music and activity's. Beautiful scenery and nature. Hope you have a great trip.
  5. Hi, David, I am 18 years post injury, July 24, 9:10 am....where are you in Oregon. I'm going up there next month. Flying into Portland and driving up to Bend. I have never been up there, and I am pretty excited. One of my best friend's lives up there and her family is having a reunion. Lisa
  6. Hi I'm the same injury level as you. I'm about 5 1\2 mouths post. How about you. How are you doing? Great picture. David in Oregon.
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