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  1. Billy,

    Glad to hear you got a job, how cool is that! Happy for ya. Yeah I know what you mean about depression with this SCI bullshit. I too take anti-depressants for it. I still have good days n bad days and probably always will. It's just the life we live. Glad you are doing better
  2. Yes hi Evonne I'm still here I just thought it would be a good idea to take a break due to depression issues. I have that under control and doing 100% better dealing with my sci yet the pain and all the bs we live with is still there everyday I'm just learning to live with it. I cant change it so why be depressed over it. As a matter of fact I just went to work. I'm doing a good job of hiding it...I think. Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for being absent.
  3. billy,

    i just found this note r u still out there?
  4. Hi Evonne I am new to the site and trying to figure a few things out. Is this a private message or public. I hope you dont mind if I ask a few questions I was looking at friends I only have 2 and you are one of them. I dont know how that happened either lol. Well hope I didnt bother you.
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