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  1. Thank u so much for stoppin by to say hello. i'll send u a pm so we can get a little more personal without the whole world


    I got in late tonight so i'll hit u up tomorrow b4 we head outta town k
  2. I'm sending a comment about the thread where you posted that you don't feel sexual anymore... We are about the same age, I didn't have a TBI either, I am also happily married just like you and I don't feel sexual either. My body image has suffered a lot because of the sci. The bowel program and bladder program makes me feel like that part of my body is for nothing but bodily functions as opposed to being a pleasure zone. When we do have sex, I don't enjoy it like I use to. I believe that there are some things like sex that you just have to feel to appreciate fully. I don't know if you share any of these feelings but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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