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  1. We're doing OK. Thanks for asking. How have things been going with you?
  2. Hey goes it?? Haven't checked on u and yours in a while hope u guys r stayin well and having fun. Hope all the doggies r doing good too Hey i c u got new pics up......i gotta go check um out. So, whatz up??

  3. how do i find the CC group again??? i have not been to face book in a while
  4. Hey, I just sent you a facebook request with a note saying that I go by Danine on CC.
  5. yes i am.....under find me and we can hook up that way r u Danine tho so i know to accept u??
  6. Just lots of pain with me. Shelby's doing great...on a diet and losing all kinds of weight! CC is what it always is...the good, the bad, and the ugly! I try to concentrate on the good, but I can totally understand the need to take a break sometimes. Hope things are going well with you! BTW, are you on facebook?
  7. hey thanks for stoppn by....yeah i have not been to CC too much, i got a little turned off with some of the moderaters & just some people here on CC in general. I'm sure u know what i mean, and it was pretty frustrating, was just easier to go away for a while. I do stop by to post joke, i have been out-of-town for 5 days tho and cc was down for a while so it's been a long time enough of that. How r u and yours?? you feeling ok these days?? have i missed anything??
  8. Just dropping by to say hi. I haven't seen you around much lately. Hope you're doing OK.
  9. Dropping by to say Happy New Year!!! I like your new profile pic!
  10. Thanks Evonne...hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season!
  11. Hey girl, just wanted to say hi and wish u n yours a Happy Holiday season. take care n b safe

  12. I've done that before when I posted a message then decided later I wanted to delete it. You can't delete the entire post, but you can delete what you typed; but there has to be some characters on the screen in order to save the "new" message.
  13. Thanks for acknowledging my "wife." She's awesome! How is your husband and son?

    BTW, DDD is Degenerative Disc Disease.
  14. Hi, thanks for stopping by. I've been busy...end of semester chaos as Just got an MRI report that says I have atrophy and edema at T6-7 now which is two levels above my original injury site. My whole back's a mess because of DDD...maybe I should have them remove my spine and put in gill slits so I can go live with the dolphins...yes, I am losing my How are things going with you? How's that handsome little boy of yours?
  15. Noticed you're online now and just thought I'd drop by to say hi and Happy Thanksgiving.
  16. Yes, we've been together nearly 15 years. She's been with me every step (or roll) of the way. I couldn't have made it this far without her.
  17. The epi's really helped me when I was able to get them---I have sucky insurance now. I'm not convinced that this gets easier. I bet it waxes and wanes, but I doubt it gets easier with time. I bet it's AB's that are telling you
  18. Thanks for accepting my friend request.
  19. I'm still adjusting. I think it's getting harder instead of easier. I was able to keep some excitement going the first 10 months or so when I was still making a lot of progress. The physical pain has been a bit better during the past couple of weeks with the addition of Klonapine. I'm not working, but going to school. I had been accepted into a PhD program just a couple of months before the SCI. I knew I'd hate myself forever if I didn't go ahead and start the program. I don't have kids, but my partner and I were foster parents for several years...hard work. Why have you been in bed all day?
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