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  1. Ouch!
  2. lol you're just mean
  3. I like you Nate, but I'm not gonna let you stalk me! Behave! LOL
  4. hey girl whatsup?..are you on facebook?
  5. haha thanks for thinking of me..i meet with a publisher and agent with the nashville bureau of speakers on monday for hopefully the beginnings of my speaking career..pray for me!..hugs
  6. Hi Nate, I heard our song ("I Kissed A Girl") on the radio the other day and thought about dropping by to ask how you're doing. What kind of trouble have you been into lately? :-)
  7. lol
  8. Hi Tops, I accepted your friend request, but you have to promise not to stalk me! Got it?
  9. hey did u like my video? u have yahoo or anything?..u seem awesome i wanna get to know u
  10. haha awesome..very appropriate
  11. Top, I was pulling your chain...I can only speak for myself...LOL.

    I'm a lesbian, so I felt it'd be appropriate coming from me...
  12. was that a joke?..i hope they dont all hate me lol
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