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  1. I am just a stubborn old man who will not accept disability.No wife,however I am engaged to a fine lady who enables me.Rehab is a lifestlyle.I was in a truck crash .I came to in hospital after 6 months in a coma-PARALYSED!My problem now is a terrible sense of balance-neuro feedback helps that
  2. Hello..brokeneck (like the name). My husband is 61, a C6/7 fracture 7 months ago. He is labled Asia B c/6 tetraplegia incomplete. He fell off a roof july, 2008. How did you break your neck? Al can move his arms, his wrists, but not his fingers. We are going to outpatient rehab at Metro (Model SCI center) twice a week. How, on earth did you ever get to the point of walking? Stories like yours are encouraging....want to know your secret. I read CC everyday..impossible to read everything, but feel it helps me. Is your wife involved in your care? I think I am getting an ulcer from all the stress. Do you get stronger as time passes? Thanks for any response. Brenda
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