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  1. Hope things work out. rough thanksgiving but hanging in. yesterday was my wife's birthday and i did a small party for her.

    I'm heading to the Mayo Clinic I think, accepted into the Pain Mgmt 3 week program. They reviewed my images and said nothing they could do but would work with me on pain. Will likely give it a try but ins doesn't cover a lot of it (flights and room and board. should know this week the costs and when I'm in the queue for.

    Take care

  2. Hows it goin Bill? I hope your turkey day was good,Im headed up to the Cleaveland Clinic Spine Institute hopeing for some answers to the nightmare.Im getting over a blood infection I hope,It kind of really knocked me for a loop fast blood preasure 78 over 40 thats when I really even knew I was sick. Catch you latter bud Mike
  3. Bill hows it goin man? Im allways posting mesages in the wrong place but glad you got it lol. I hear you about the wife pushing so hard but maybe thats why you have made it this far.Sometimes I wish my wife could feel my pain for 1 minuite so she could understand this is a hell that there is no escape from. I dont understand how anyone could keep there head together under this kinda wife pushes me to but at least you can cook, my own dog is afraid of my cooking.Im trying to get back into my music I just cant find my edge right now. later
  4. yeah he pain just never stops, played a few holes of golf yesterday. Pain went from 10 to 10 LOL just doing something was good though. did it for my wife i'm wearing her down after 5 years and if she had a brain she'd leave, I'm a good cook when I can and was a great fxxk when I could so I guess she's just too attached to leave (thank goodness) although she pushes me too hard and I'm only getting worse not better.

    You haniging in? anything working? trying a round of epidurals if the insurance co will pay. They did alreadu but it didn't help, the neurosurgeon says it will help diagnose what if anything can be done and the pain guy has a new technique and cocktail he'd like to try and I'd eat cat pooh if it worked UGH.

    keep the faith, it's a day by day and someday I fear I'll give up
  5. Hows it goin Man ? Sometimes you get the pain and some times the pain gets you ,eather way your in pain hang in there
  6. Bill thanks for the good words I hope we can be freinds,
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