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  1. Hope they find something to stop the decline and pain for you. I am going Tuesday for a refusion due to broken hardware and failed fusion at L1. Currently fused posterior T8 to L3. They will replace posterior hardware and refuse and then go in through left side and fuse T10 to L3 on front with a rod also. I have issues below that at L5-S1 and L1-L2. My question is how much flexibility do you have with your spine fused that low to do things like transfers and bowel program. I am concerned that if I have to fuse eventually down that low I may lose the ability to do those things. They are key to my independence. I live alone and I am 52 years old.
  2. currently walking but beginning to loose functionality quickly, currently in testing. Have L3-5 fused and now they're looking at the thoracic area. Have 3 CTs and an nerve conductivity test this week. Spent almost 6 mos in wheels after the second surgery as I came back. Then braces, then canes, now just have dropfoot and a funny gait. no feeling in my right leg except for the damned Neuro Pain and CP.

    What can I do or answer for you, be more than happy to.

  3. Hey Bill are you in a chair or walking? I have some questions about your fusions.
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