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  1. patelville, Yes that is true. I sent a almost new Action Pro-T to a young man in India several years ago. I used the 'chair about 60 hours or less. My medical insurance changed and I was able to get a new titanium 'chair. One of my previous employers purchased a 'chair for me which I gave to a young man in Maryland and a used titanium 'chair to a young woman who was on welfare in Washington state. Both states are in the USA. I also sent a shower 'chair to China.

    I wish I can tell you I have a 'chair to give to you but I don't. If my medical insurance changes and I get the opportunity to get a new titanium 'chair I will have a used titanium 'chair to give to you. A titanium frame 'chair can last you a lifetime with very little maintenance of casters, tires and lubricating them every month.

    My wife told me to get rid of the extra 'chairs I had and all three of them went in a matter of minutes.

    I'll keep you in mind if one come available.

    Take care of yourself,
  2. Hey I am in india, and read something abt you giving a nice wheelchair in the past. So do you have anything in those lines to sell or give away? i would like to use a quality chair and afford it too
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