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  1. Hey man, I seen the first half of this and it seems like a pretty good flick. Save you a trip to the theaters...
  2. Happy New Year to you too man...
  3. Happy New Year!
  4. Thats good shit man, My friend graduated from santa cruz they got a good psych department. I am trying to become a lawyer but we'll see its a lot of schooling and Im not really into school but my options are kind of limited now with this great gift of sci so we'll see how it goes... Well yea man pm me and we can hang out sometime. I got my own pad in union city, I got a ps3 but I don't really fuck with video games. I prefer movies an watching sports.
  5. I'm at Cal right now working towards a PhD in economics. I used to be into a lot, but I have like 0 time right now, so my release is video games and dvds, lol. I prolly will be at Irvine or Santa Cruz next year to finish up.
  6. Yea I live right by there. That sucks man. Where do you go to school at? I go to chabot right now, I need a few more classes for my aa then I can transfer. What do you go to school for?
  7. Shit, man, I busted my back in Union City getting onto the freeway at Whipple! Took that guardrail at 45 right on my head. I'll be on vacation in December from school. I'll send you a message so we can meet up halfway like in Hayward.
  8. Whats up man? I'm in Union City bout 10 minutes from your area. What you into? We should hang out sometime...
  9. I just noticed you're from the Bay Area. What city? I'm up in Castro Valley.
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