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  1. aint heard any news from Neuralstem in a while... Anything upcoming?
  2. did you go to shepard? Did you learn anything?
  3. Yes, it is taking them for life. Now, I'm looking more intently at the future Geron trial as I have spoken with Hans and he has indicated that it will only be neccessary for 3 months. Also, waiting to hear how this trial in Louisiana turns out. Am going to Shepherd on Friday, so will look for James and ask if he knows when the Geron trial for acutes will start back up.
  4. never knew... What is the proposed protocol involving immunosuppressants? Anywhere I can read???? ... Of course, I want to walk at almost any cost, but I was really hoping it didn't have to involve taking immunosuppressants for life
  5. Yes, although I am concerned about the immunosuppressants protocal. I emailed Mr. Garr to get more info but have not heard back.
  6. excited about neuralstem... Friends?
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