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  1. hey yah I actually did go to project walk for about 3 months!
    It was in june, july and august of 09!
  2. Hey, I was looking around and noticed your post for a while back about what therapy place to go to. I was just wondering if you ever did go to one and which on you went to? I go to Project Walk now and have for the past 2 years give or take and its right in Carlsbad. I remember you saying that you were somewhere in Cali..I memory is horrible. anyways, let me know,cause if you were to go to PW now they would LOVE you.
  3. you and and julie are really a cuutttee couple.. all the best to the both of you
  4. for my boyfriends work and to say that lived in LAS VEGAS!! Can't complain
  5. it is so nice out here! why did you move?
  6. Hey, I never noticed that you were hurt 8 days after me! Crazy!! And I lived in socal about 10 min from you. I was Oceanside I sure miss Cali, the BEACH, and the kick ass weather..
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