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  1. Hi Mark;
    My son was also good friends with Tim. He has not been in contact with him in a couple of years though. Last he heard Tim was playing wheelchair rugby very seriously. I tried to track him down via Google about a year ago. I found a site that had forums discussing him. I left an inquiry to forward contact information but never received a reply. I did meet Tim a couple of times when my son was at STST back in the winter of 03/04. Great guy. I didn't realize you were a client there. That was quite a place. Anyway, Happy New Year. John
  2. John, Hi, My name is Mark Bullock. I am friends with Tim Ostler from our time spent at Sit tall Stand tall. I've been thinking about Tim alot lately but haven't been in contact with him. Have you heard from him lately? How's he doing?
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