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  1. Hellooo there! Find me on fb??? Teresa Jones, Mamat... how is yours set up if I search for it??? We are in Michigan. Thought we were going home from a job this Saturday, decided to stay since our boat was just delivered to us that very day, lol and now Jimmy is working again. It's a crazy life his job, never know which way the wind will blow... I just had a friend from Louisiana wanting us to come by too. How I wish we could and pray some time soon we will. <3
  2. Tracey Williamson 10/29/69 hometown Seminary Ms. I am ready to see you and Harry and meet your new Beau!Lol.
  3. Traciiiii- give me your fb profile info or something in a way I can find you on there! It was so good to talk to you today.
  4. Tracey, I found some old phone numbers... I tried them the other day. One was no longer working, the other was answered but had a bad connection. Where are you girl???
  5. Hey girl it's Tracey! Please call me I can't find your phone # and I really want to talk to you! I really miss ya!
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