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  1. Hello my dear friend. I have not seen you here for a while, just wondering if all is well with you. Pm me so I can give you my ph #. Love to talk to you some times.
  2. Hi,
    I have been gone to Toronto since the 19th of July. I will be back in the US around the 13th. I do hope that I can attend the next open house.
    How are you? How was the open house? I was camping for the last 3 days, got bitten by a spider on my lip. my face, lips and eyes are all swollen. heheee looks like a collagen job gone bad!
    Take care and I will talk to you soon.
  3. Hi Andrea. How is your summer shaping up? Do you still have plans percolating to attend an open house? Please keep me posted.
  4. I am not going to need a lot of convincing, LOL. I have already told my hubby and we will be attending on one of the Fridays. xoxoxxo
  5. The pleasure was entirely mine! It was so wonderful to get to enjoy you live and in person. I'll be working hard to lure you back for an open house. And thank you for the pictures-- it does me great good to see myself among such illustrious company.
  6. hello nice lady, i posted the pics @ the member pictures it was soooo nice to meet u yesterday!
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