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  1. Yep it was written by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Joe Perry helped him finish it and it became a huge hit for them. They are the only one's who perform it and have since the early 70's. Back then the whole band was really addicted to heavy drugs and some say he wrote it about snorting cocaine off a mirror and watching the lines disappear off the mirror as his face gets clearer but all the lyrics are stunning for someone to write at that age and as I get older I understand them more.
  2. Hi Dartry,
    Appreciating your advice about leg bag valves has left me sainging that wonderful song fragment in your signature, packed with memories of poignant evenings knowing someone was getting in trouble and wishing it was me. It really was written by only a 17-year-old? How did he know about facial lines, life’s dues and all the other emotions that song evokes at such a ripe age? Who was singing it in the 70s and 80s? Thanks for putting the tune in my head.
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