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  1. He is wonderful – taught me how to appreciate men. My mom's great too. I definitely lucked out in the parent department, and I'm loving seeing them in grandparent mode (courtesy of my sister, of course). Thanks for thinking about me Bobby. I'm short on chips, but I moved all the bins out of projectile position and am well stocked in ice cream, so I expect to be fine.
  2. Stay safe this weekend Randy. I enjoyed your dad's email, sounds like a great guy!
  3. How exquisite! The ocean just stirs it all…
  4. Pismo Beach - I lived 4 blocks north of this picture, one block from the beach. Lower left in this picture is Harry's Cocktail Lounge, the white sign next to the palm tree. That bar was packed every day, they had live music every afternoon and night, and it was full of gals in bikinis at all hours. I miss Pismo.

  5. Bobby, I feel compelled to share with you that my first reaction to your first page post was that I would have loved hanging out with you at a bar on the beach. What seaside locale was lucky enough to sport your company for 25 years?
  6. Hi Randy, howdy back to ya friend.
  7. Your collections made me smile, so I thought I’d visit and say hi.
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