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  1. any apinme news?
  2. do you have any news about apinme.... Does the timeline look good? If you haven't noticed, I am excited about this trial

    Does it still look good to start in December?
  3. so it's probably going to start in December, right?
  4. is it known what the requirements are for the trials when they begin? ... Which levels of injury and injury time?
  5. Whats the latest on dr. Vaquero and apinme? Any news on the clean room ?
  6. I donĀ“t think so.
  7. Do you think dr. Vaquero would ever come to carecure?
  8. Second cycle of test of the room, 3 are needed if all ok in May.
  9. Whats the latest on dr. Vaqueros work and progress toward a trial? Do you have any news on that clean room that they need? Is that the last step toward a trial?
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