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  1. Sir, I noticed in your profile that I have a year of age and 10 more years in a wheelchair than you. I noticed that you like to shoot!! I am out hunting about anything I can, anytime I have time. I reload all my own ammo and really enjoy hunting prairie dogs in the off hunting seasons and birds, deer, antelope, and even go for elk when I can work it in.
    Say, I noticed that you might still have the hand controls. If you still have them I would really like to take them off your hands. In your post you said $100.00 plus freight. If you can get the freight from your place to Zip 81073, which is Springfield, Colorado, I will pay you however works best for you, Money Order, Pay Pal, just however.
    Thank you for your time in this matter!!
    Jesse Woodhouse Jwood88
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